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FAQ - Shipping and Delivery
Can you ship outside of Canada?
Sorry, we cannot ship outside of Canada. However you may order in USA at BoostHerbs of USA
You can also contact our customer service representative to get help.
Is shipping included with the final price?
If the product name includes 'free shipping', then you do not need to pay for the shipping cost. BoostHerbs Canada offers free shipping with any purchase greater than $79.For orders under $79 value the shipping fee is $10.
How long is the order processesing time?
Processing time is usually 24hrs Monday-Friday unless stated otherwise.
Why order status shows "Shipped" and no tracking number is displayed?
Most of the time it takes at least 1 business day for the shipping company to update us with the tracking number. Please be patient. When we get the tracking number we will send you an email and update your order profile.
How can I get the Tax free offer?
If your purchase is greater than $89 then BoostHerbs Canada offers you a Tax Free sale and you don't pay any sales taxes on the products you have ordered.If your purchase is less than $89 then you pay the standard sales taxes on the products you have ordered.
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